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If you want your users to easily and quickly share the contents to twitter channel, then you want Social Twitter Plugin.
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The creation of the tweetable content is very easy by following any of the two methods. The methods are mentioned below.

  • First Method:
  • Step1: Enter the tweetable content on the box by clicking on the tweet icon appear on your editor and submit the details.
  • Step2: Then "Click the Tweet" box to share the content easily.
  • Second Method:
  • Select any content to share on Twitter or Facebook with Twitter Handler.

  • Note:
  • One very important thing to note here when we installing "Social Tweet" plugin is given below:
  • When you initialize the TinyMCE editor, you must add "tweet" in the plugins attribute. Also add keyword "tweet" in one of the toolbars that you want the plugin to appear. Otherwise the tweet icon will not appear.
  • An example is shown below:
  • tinymce.init({ mode : "textareas", plugins : "tweet", toolbar1 : "undo,redo,removeformat,pastetext,|,code,media,image,link,fullscreen,preview,tweet", });

Extension Features:

  • Works with the TinyMCE Editor where the plugin is added as attribute, on your website.
  • Enables user to simply share the content to Twitter or Facebook by selecting the text.
  • Easily customize the tweet content box to match the website theme.
  • Twitter handler enables you to add your website's or business's or brand's twitter username to all the tweetable content from your website. This will help you gain more popularity on social media.

How to:

  • Go to Admin -> Manage -> Packages & Plugins -> Manage Packages -> Install New Packages -> Add Packages
  • Upload "module-tweet-x.x.tar" file and just follow the installation steps.
  • After installation Plugin "Tweet" will appear under "Plugins" Menu.


  • If you have any question on our extension(s), please contact us below:
  • Email: [email protected]

GitHub and developers

More extensions are available as a project on GitHub.
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