Automatic Cross-sells

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This module automatically manage cross-sell products.


Compatible with: 1.8.x, 1.9.0.x, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x.

This module used to add cross sell products automatically. When a customer purchase two products say X and Y, product X will become cross-sell of Y and vice versa. Later customer come to our shop and purchase product X, product Y will automatically show as cross-sell product. If customer add product Y then X will be shown as cross-sell. The benefit of this module is automated cross-sell assignment. Normally Magento administrator need to manually assign cross-sell products against each product from backend. By installing this module shop administrator is free from manual product assigning process and it will save valuable time.

Extension Features:

  • This module automatically assign products as cross-sell based on customer purchases.
  • No manual assignment required. Normally cross-sell products are manually assigned by website administrator.
  • Save webshop administrator time because all product assignment are automated.
  • Later webshop administrator do not want to show some cross-sells, he can simply unselect from backend product edit page..

How to:

  • Admin can enable this module from 'System-> configurations-> Titech automatic cross-sells-> Automatic cross-sells settings'
  • Then save settings by clicking 'Save Config' button


  • Note: You can test this module by following scenario:
  • Go to website backend and enable this module.
  • Go to frontend and login as customer.
  • Add any of two products to cart and place order.
  • After successfully place order, again add one of the product to cart. You can see the other product shown as cross-sell.
  • Go to 'Cross-sell' tab in backend product edit page of one of the product.
  • You can see the other product recorded as cross-sell there.
  • If you do not want to show that product as cross-sell, simply unselect and save it.
  • Enjoy your free time !

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